Need highly-profitable clients? 

Shine Marketing¬† provides specialised digital marketing services for swimming schools across the globe. Our team optimises a swimming school’s digital marketing to get even more swimmers into their pool! As we know the swimming-teaching industry better than any other Digital Agency or Marketing Consultant, we can offer you valuable and targeted services that will help you SHINE even more than you did before!

Digital marketing is a cost-effective means of reaching your target market and its returns are easily tracked.

We can monitor every cent that is invested in digital marketing, whereas with traditional marketing, determining the effectiveness of a campaign is not as easy.

But best of all, digital marketing does not just save you money, it helps your revenue grow! A study by Google found that companies using the Google marketing tools are 2.8 times more likely to increase their revenue – ask us about what we can do for you with these!

Through continuous assessment during your campaign, we can use insights from and interactions with clients to improve your digital strategy and optimise your marketing impact.

But most importantly, thanks to digital marketing, we can nurture your potential clients through every stage of the conversion journey – from interested, to booked! We will put more people in your pool!

Shine Digital Marketing Agency

Shine Marketing offers specialised digital marketing solutions for swimming schools and focusses on:

                  • Digital strategy,
                  • Social media marketing,
                  • Content marketing,
                  • SEO (search engine optimisation),
                  • PPC (pay per click),
                  • Creative media services,
                  • Online advertising,
                  • Web design & development

Digital marketing can be time consuming and a terrifying endeavour for the average swimming school owner or manager, which is why we are here to do all the hard work. Our expert advice and strategy is industry-specific, relevant and effective and therefore, delivers results most importantly, put swimmers into classes.

We are the digital marketers that all swimming schools need!